Untitled photo

The Great Escape

I received a camera as a gift when I was about five years old and have had an interest in photography since then. I enjoy photographing landscapes as well as aging architecture in color and also in the near infrared spectrum. For photography in the near infrared I use a digital camera which has been modified to photograph in the infrared. I also welcome occasional diversions into other types of photography.

Pursuing these photographs is a challenge, and only a few of my photographs please me. When an image comes together and I like it a sense of satisfaction materializes. Photographing an image and preparing it for presentation is a process that I find very rewarding. Photography for me is the great escape from the pressures and demands of modern life. I now almost exclusively shoot digital; however I have a conventional darkroom and a few film cameras. My goal is to improve  my skills as a fine art photographer. With this in mind, I am interested in becoming skilled in alternative printing processes. This involves using enhanced digital images from modern cameras with a variety of nineteenth and twentieth century darkroom printing techniques to produce artistic photographs untypical of current digital photography. I have done a few silver and palladium prints but I have a lot to learn.